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Who are we?


The Pro Sanctity Movement in Latvia and Lithuania


        Pro Sanctity is a world-wide Movement that spreads the Universal Call to Holiness. Prayer, music, publications, and organized activities for people of all ages help us remind people that God made every single one of us to be a saint!

        We help people grow in self-knowledge, love of neighbor, love of Mother Church, and love of God.

        Pro Sanctity promotes trust in ourselves, in others, in the Lord.

        Pro Sanctity helps people discover God's presence in their ordinary, daily lives, and provides opportunities to learn how to pray.

        We support one another in concrete ways, living the Pro Sanctity motto: All Saints! All Brothers and Sisters!


Fr. Edgars CAKULS, Bishop Antons JUSTS, Communicants and Team


because everybody is created in God's image, each person is called to the fullness of love: to sanctity




Through meetings, individual dialogues, using booklets, leaflets, video-cassettes, songs, interactive groups, workshops; prayers: adoration, explanation of the Word of God; we are present in Riga, Jelgava, Madona, Daugavpils, Aglona, Liepaja usually in a year we travel 40.000 km with our car (normal streets and not highways!).

The Apostolic Oblates Consecrated Members in the Pro Sanctity Movement


As consecrated women, we Apostolic Oblates take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. We dedicate our lives to helping others understand the great love that God has for each individual and helping people respond with trust and hope to His love. The Pro Sanctity Movement is the core of our apostolate.


Our daily life in Latvia

    The day starts at 5.30 a.m., winter or summer! (We like to put our lives in God's heart by praying first thing. We dedicate the first hours of our day to prayer including Lauds, the liturgical prayer of the Church; and meditation, half an hour on texts of the Bible, saints, the spirituality of our Founder, etc.) Then we go to Holy Mass. We can't help others if first we do not receive the grace of God!

    The main part of our mornings is dedicated to personal preparation: reading, studying, writing; afternoons are free for welcoming all who want personal conversation, spiritual direction, or other help.

       Each day starting at 18.00 p.m., we offer various meetings.


Mondays: Meetings with couples

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Prayer and adoration for youth in Churches of Riga

Wednesdays: Youth Gathering

During the weekend we usually organize seminars, which consist of studies, retreats, or other opportunities.

Sunday is really the favorite day for meetings: at 10.00 we have a meeting with the children of St. Francis's Church in Riga; at 12.00 in our room we meet with associate members of our Movement; at 14.00 we sponsor an English language Mass for all foreigners here in Riga. Afterward follows catechism class for English speaking children.

Every week we meet with approximately 350 persons, not counting those who participate in activities that we organize in different parishes (Mass, adoration )

Our day then concludes with thanksgiving to the Lord not before 23.00p.m.


  • as consecrated Apostolic Oblates, there are two in Latvia; there are two more Latvian girls doing their formation in Rome where we have a Centre of Formation. (Worldwide there are over 200 Oblates.)
  • as Pro Sanctity associate members, in Latvia we are 65; in Lithuania - 30! (There are thousands of dedicated Pro Sanctity members throughout the world.)
  • This year together with our associate members, we recorded a CD with songs written by our youth, and published two books one in Latvian, the other in Russian about the prayers of our Founder!


Our Founder:
Guglielmo Giaquinta

Bishop Giaquinta        



Rita and Lilian
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Pro Sanctitate
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Rita Rafalo and Lilian Beltrand, Apostolic Oblates

Pro Sanctity Movement

Klostera, Iela 4

LV 1050 Riga, Latvia


Would you like to help us in our apostolate and ministry? The needs are overwhelming, but we place our trust in the Lord, and He has never let us down!



I will pray daily for Pro Sanctity and the Apostolic Oblates in Latvia and Lithuania.

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Please make checks payable to Apostolic Oblates. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law. May our Lord bless you abundantly for your generosity!


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