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Photo Gallery
Michael Montag, sculptor and artist

Mike's Website

Madonna and Child Logo Figurative Candle Holder Root of Jesse (clay stage - metal armature is covered with clay) Root of Jesse (wax stage - clay is transferred via a rubber mold process then refined) Root of Jesse (raw bronze stage - shape is transferred from wax to bronze using the 'lost wax' process. The work is then ground, polished and given a patina finish) Root of Jesse (finished bronze) Sideways Figure (abstract) Life Drawing Chinese Dragon for Beaux Arts Ball at Joselyn Museum - Omaha, NE (fabric/paper mache) Motherhood (view I) Motherhood (view II) Lady Diver (7" bronze) Guardian Angel (13" bronze) Mythical Beast (aluminum with ceramic white paint) Crucifix (33" bronze) Eros and Psyche Liberty Corpus Communion of Saints Cross (36" aluminum) Communion of Saints Cross - top detail (aluminum) Mother and Child (19" aluminum) Figurative Olympic Rings (laminated paper) Figurative Olympic Ring (detail - laminated paper) Papal Madonna and Child (back view - aluminum) Bird with Fish (10" bronze) Creighton 'Shadows' Magazine Illustration Fun 'Entropy' Figures I (linoleum print) Fun 'Entropy' Figures II (linoleum print) Fun 'Entropy' Figures III (linoleum print) NHS Lied Fountain NHS Lied Fountain (alt view) Crossing into the Light (15" bronze) Fr. Paul Dobberstein Fr. Paul Dobberstein Crane shot intalling statue at Saint Peter's Church - Omaha, NE Saint Peter [middle] Saint Margaret Mary Sacred Heart of Jesus Sleeping Saint John Candlelight (21" bronze) Candle Bearer Madonna and Child Blossoming Column (24" bronze/onyx) Christ and the Children Pieta Rebecca's Guardian Angel Bethlehem Angels Angel of Mercy (10" bronze) Angel of Intercession (13" bronze) Rock of Golgatha Fullerton Pro Sanctity Logo (aluminum/bronze) Our Lady of Trust Steel Cross (brancusi style) Saint Michael the Archangel wing restoration (aluminum with ceramic white paint)